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How NOT to get overwhelmed with SEO tools. There are a few easy things you can do to start Social Media. Why use Social Media? It drives customers to your website, stores etc. It also promotes awareness for Causes, Non-profit Organizations, and helps with Networking. No matter what field of business you are in Social Media helps you or your Company notification, makes others aware of you.

Here’s a beginners easy checklist just to start out, and they are all FREE.

1. Twitter-if you aren’t already on Twitter make yourself an account. As with anything you can google the word Twitter and find many helpful sites or videos to help out beginners. Make sure you tweet something at least once a day.

DO Tweet about current events, promotions about your business, promote a new Blog Post, Event etc…, if you are using it for business purposes or professionally. You can have more than one account, one personal one business.

DON’T Tweet about personal things on your professional twitter feed. For example: It’s not a good idea to bash other companies, people etc.., on your feed. It doesn’t make you look good. Don’t tweet nonsense about mundane things such as walking out to your mailbox, or what you are eating, however sending a tweet out about just being at a great restaurant with its name and just a basic tweet on how nice it is, it is a great way to promote that restaurant and maybe some of their followers will follow you.

2. Facebook- Get yourself a professional Facebook page. Your profile pic can be your logo, or a pic of a product etc. Your Timeline photo should be interesting, maybe a pic of people using a product of yours, or an event you attended. Keep this up to date with blog posts, or articles that you find interesting. Have a small contest offering a $10.00-$100.00 gift card giveaway, tell people that you will pick a random winner just for liking your page. Once again you can google for tips on how to better use Facebook for your purposes.

3. Pinterest– This SEO tool has become more popular, and is easy to use. Once again create an account it’s very easy. Pinterest users purchase items more often and in greater quantities. It also builds backlinks to your company (this is very important in driving traffic to your website). You can upload pins, or pin some interesting things, then insert links into the captions and information of your posts. This means that every time someone “pins” or shares one of those posts, you are bumped up higher in search engines.  The more “Repins” of your content, the more traffic you get to your site.

4. LinkedIn- Once again create a profile, it’s easy and free. No matter what size your Company, being on LinkedIn is a must. If you don’t know what to put google it! LinkedIn helps you find new clients and prospects. You can see what business people are talking about the most, and insert yourself into the conversations. Join Groups (this is very important, see what groups your contacts are in, or search for groups pertaining to your business or job) be active in the groups by liking discussions, and commenting. Doing this will get your profile looked at more often. People can also search and find You/Your Company! Take caution though, this is not a Facebook page where you can put anything anywhere. It’s a site for business professionals and businesses. Groups have rules. Make sure you read them before you post.

5. Blogging- There are many free sites that allow you to write blog posts. One of which is Blogger.com, I only put this one, because it’s the one I use. It’s very easy to get started, and the site walks you through it. When you write a blog put a good picture in there and a snappy title. You are more likely to get people to click on and read your posts. This also helps boost your ratings in search engines. If you have a hard time writing good content, or don’t know what to write, there are many sites you can go to, to get ideas. Also write something about your company, your products, or topics you know a lot about. You can also write about things that don’t pertain to your business at all. Writing about a hot topic is beneficial, it drives more traffic to your company. Here are a few ways to get ideas: alltop.com has current hot topics, you can ask your readers what they would like to read about, look at older blog posts and put your own spin on them, or search the web.

These are just a few ways to get things going in the right direction with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are many more, but this should be enough to get you started!


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