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You can’t afford to not go paperless.

Manual entry of data can cost your organization countless dollars in hidden costs, including document storage and retrieval and lost revenue opportunities due to information backlogs or human error including misfiling or document loss. In today’s economy, that just can’t happen.
Your industry is becoming more competitive through the digitization of records, electronic processing of claims, and other new technologies. If you want to keep up or get ahead, PC Data offers data entry and claims processing services to help you get the job done, no matter what your industry or the scope of your projects.

We offer data entry and forms processing services to help you scan, manage, key, store, and utilize:

  • Credit Card Applications
  • Coupon and Redemption Forms
  • Surveys
  • Business Rewards Programs
  • Personnel/Payroll/Benefit Records
  • Shipping Documents
  • Inventory and Registration Forms
  • Summons/Court Case Documents
  • Medical/Insurance Records
  • Transit Violations
  • Airbills, Shipping Bills of Lading
  • Retail Reward Enrollments

Improve Your Business and Your Bottom Line

At PC Data, we have the ability to perform data entry from paper, web-based applications, or whatever in-house system you’re currently using, so there’s no question of compatibility.

If you’d like to start taking your business to the next level by utilizing the services of an experienced data entry and data management company, give PC Data a call today at 1-800-PCDATA1. We’ll tell you more about our processes, our capabilities, and our promise of exceptional service.