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We Keep it SIMPLE!

Wouldn’t it be nice to login to any application where ever you are, on any device, and see only the Applications and information you need. You choose the applications and software you want to use along with the users and permissions you want your employees to have access to. We scan or upload documents to our secure Compliant data center for long term storage and historical reference. No more forgetting that important document for a meeting.  Access your software and information at the click of a button. These services lower cost of  IT Desktop Management by up to 50%!

Ask Yourself these questions???

Do you need your documents scanned and hosted for easy retrieval, to increase office space and improve productivity?

Are all of your documents backed up securely?
Do you have a disaster recovery plan in case  of fire, floor, etc?
Does your backup solution comply with your industry controls and regulations?

Are you ever in need of securely sharing sensitive documents with co-workers, vendors and clients alike? Do you need to be platform independent – allowing employees to access the same information regardless of whether they are using a MAC, Windows, IOS or Android device?