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Things are always evolving and changing, however are you or your management staff changing your/their ways to go along with the changes?

When you think about the workplace, social media, TV, even telephone…there has been MASS changes.

Can you imagine waking up at your current age 50 years ago and going to work?  The year would be 1964. No cell phones, no Bring Your Own Device tablets, laptops etc.. NO INTERNET!! It seems archaic. The most up to date Social Media was either a poster, newspaper, or a commercial on tiny TV sets.

We have come VERY far since then in every way possible. Turn it around and have someone from the year 1964 wake up in 2014 and they would probably think Aliens invaded earth. We can maneuver our entire day if needed just by using our cellphones.

Now however when you think about it, how many owners of companies grew up in that era, and are still working. There are still a lot of them around, not having retired yet. I am sure most have a PC, Laptop or IPad and have been on the internet. The majority also have cellphones. However, there are still some that are opposed to change in the workplace technology wise, usually within small companies.

One of the biggest reasons technology is scary is the fear of the unknown if the person is not technology savvy, and/or has no one to help or guide them along the way until they are ready to go at it alons. It’s also possible they still don’t fully understand the technology based world we are in, and don’. They like their boxes of paper everywhere, and filing cabinets. They may read email once a week. Their LinkedIn profile was created by someone else, and they don’t monitor it at all, which does not help with obtaining new clients.

Our world is so wrapped up in technology, there really is no way for a company to avoid it, unless they don’t care about closing their doors. I am sure there is still a Very small amount that are surviving without it, but even those businesses’ are put on the internet by their patrons, whether it be by Facebook posts, twitter, google+ etc…  SO you tell me How can we get our older generations to embrace the technology of today? Especially if they are dead set against it all?