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Due to today’s archiving guidelines you bet they are!

Compliance, yes the favorite word of auditors…School Executives have been discovering that Electronic Document Management significantly aids in the reduction of Risk and Increases efficiency at their institutions.
 Here’s a great example of how going paperless benefits every school. A compliance officer or even one of the schools employees comes into your office and wants to see specific documents. Those documents are locked away either in a dusty filing cabinet, or in boxes.

The documents needed are buried under loads of other documents OR worse yet misfiled!

Here’s an example of going paperless. The compliance officer or School personnel need a specific document. You go to your computer, log securely to access the document by typing just a few key words or numbers, in seconds you have what you need.

Now your school is compliant due to automatic backup and recovery (You now have a backup and recovery plan in case of floods, fires, etc…). The Documents are available anytime, anywhere to those with the proper security credentials. Records are now managed easily, and no one has to rely on a filing system created by someone else.

The laws on holding onto documentation is getting stricter and must comply with so many new rules and guidelines, including how long you have to hold on to those documents and not to mention emails also!

If your school hasn’t gone digital yet, it’s definitely something you need to look into.